"Theme Builder" for the Beaver Builder Plugin

 What is it?

  • An extension (standalone plugin) for the Beaver Builder plugin.
  • Theme Builder is the working name.  I’m keen on Beaver Themer!!

This plugin is in development.

  • I’m showing you a version that predates the alpha testing release.
  • Things could change, but there is enough here to show the value.
  • We know it will be for sale as a standalone product. We do not know the price.
  • It seems sensible to give it its own revenue so it can be properly supported and developed.
  • Fear free updates is why web professionals trust Beaver Builder.

Who can use it ?

Anyone with the Beaver Builder plugin.
It’s not theme specific although there are a few limitation . The sections that modifies  headers and footer need themes where there are hooks for these. At this point the Beaver Builder and Genesis theme have been made compatible.

What does it do ?

It allows us to layout and style a number of things (usually controlled by a theme) using the Beaver Builder page editor:

  • Archive Pages ( ie Blog posts, Custom Post Types like WooCommerce shop pages. This can be applied independently based on search, category, tags, author or date)
  • Single Posts
  • Single Pages
  • 404 pages
  • Headers – conditionally  (limited the themes can be made compatible)
  • Footers  – conditionally (limited the themes can be made compatible)

It can also insert theme layouts into hookable area of a theme. This is presently called “part”

Why I think we should get excited?

  • The above is unheard for a page builder.
  • Being able to create custom fields for posts and have show through Beaver Builder modules (this is through context aware “field connectors”).
  • API’s for developers for hooking other modules.
  • Being able to add custom fields and have that content show in the WP loop.
  • User friendly.
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