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Photos and Graphics

100’s of 10,000 of icons. Sign in with Facebook or email.  WP Corner Shop pay a  subscription so you can remove the attribution stuff.

Free to use commercially without attribution.

Images with Effects, Text and Icons:
The are some limitations on the free account, WP Corner Shop pay a subscription

Colour Picker (extension for Chrome or Firefox)

Use this to find the correct Hex value.

Some Layout Suggestions

Good web design is all about thinking what vistor want and providing the simplest/cleanest way to give them it.
Rule to check yourself:

  • Do use good clear headers to break up a page  (marked as h1, h2, h3, etc.).  A page of images hardly exists to search engine
  • Do have a “call to action on every page”  As what is the purpose of the page and how can you best help the visitor achieve their goals
  • Do have a clear Value Proposition near the top of your homepage.


  • Don’t break web conventions and frustrate and lose visitors
  • Don’t break the sites for mobile user ( Think mobile first and frequently resize the browser and ask what it will look like at 38p wide)
  • Don’t add animations, sliders and effect that don’t help the user.
  • Don’t overwhelm visitors. Too much block text, too many busy images increasingly loses visitors.
  • Avoid too many navigation options (under 7). Drop downs have been show consistently to be ineffective since 2000, and becoming extinct with mobile responsive sites. The exception is megamenu seen in  e-commerce .
  • Don’t embed thing from another sites unless need.  YouTube Video, Facebook and Twitter widget Google maps all slow pages loads significantly and lose visitors and search ranking . Often a linked graphic can be more effective.


Search topic that are likely to have related colour schemes and imagery. Avoid getting distracted by cool effect design to sell the template and focus on Layout, colour, spacing and typography.

Use something like this free Chrome extension to grab a full page image of templates:
Full-page screen capture



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